Why Travel Isn’t Just for the Rich

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If you’re getting itchy feet and feel the constant need to venture off to far flung destinations, but you have to bring yourself down to Earth with a bump because you don’t feel like you have the budget to match your lofty ideas, it might be time to think again. While travel used to be the realm of the rich, new ways of funding jaunts halfway across the globe have come to the fore. While it’s important to have some funds in your bank account prior to hot footing it onto a plane, you don’t need to be forking out thousands for five star swanky hotels, grand tours and first class transport. Take a look at how you could fund your dreams of traveling the world.

Get back in the black

While you don’t need to be wealthy, you do need to be debt-free before you take a trip overseas. Consolidating your debts and getting back in the black is the responsible thing to do. Head over to a site like https://debtconsolidation.co/ and explore credit cards, personal loans and debt settlement options. By doing this, you can set the wheels in motion and have a clear timeline for when you will be financially fit to travel.

Taking photos while traveling alone as a travel blogger

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Try travel blogging

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz with words, you can engage people with your witty content, and you aren’t too shabby with a camera, then you could fund your travels through a travel blog. While a saturated market with different blogs popping up weekly, if you have a niche, you could find a loyal readership. Think about what might make your travels different. Are you going to explore vegan cuisine across the globe? Are you addicted to adrenaline junkie type activities? Or do you plan on giving yourself $20 a day to live on for the length of your trip abroad? Whatever it is that you can bring that is new to the travel world, write about it, promote it and get people reading about it. By doing this, companies will take note, you can receive sponsorship and create affiliate links that can pay lucratively to help fund your jaunts.

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Backpacking is an option

If you don’t mind sharing accommodation or slumming it a little doesn’t bother you, you might be able to secure hostel rooms very cheaply. For less than a couple of meals at a fast food restaurant, you might be able to rest your weary bones in a hostel in Thailand, China or India. With little more than a backpack, a pocketful of cash and a smile, you can head off on a travel adventure. Try and plan a skeleton itinerary, book yourself a flight at unsociable hours, and go indirect. This way you can source the best deals. Flight comparison sites such as https://www.skyscanner.net are perfect for exploring the cheapest deals.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go in the world, you can fund your travels by thinking outside of the box. You might even want to head off on a working holiday. How does fruit picking in Australia, wine-making in France or building a school in Uganda sound? The possibilities are endless, and you simply need to open to new ideas, getting your finances healthy and seeking out deals to turn your travel dreams into a reality.

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