Cruise Along the Toronto Islands

When I think about traveling, I spend a lot of time looking up countries and cities to visit internationally. As a result, I forget that I live in the beautiful city of Toronto and there’s plenty of things to do here, like take a cruise!


All photos: Liz Intac

Last Friday, I took a private cruise along Toronto’s scenic harbour and Lake Ontario waterways with my coworkers. The boat went past the harbourfront through to the island parklands and waterways. We were lucky that we got beautiful weather that day! The water was bright blue and helped relaxed everyone into the weekend.

Growing up, my family used to visit Toronto Island often. I used to get really sick being on the transit ferry. I don’t know what happened but apparently I don’t get sick anymore on boats. Hurray. Perhaps that’s a sign to take a real cruise to The Bahamas or something.



Additionally, the cruise prepared a custom menu for a lunch buffet for us. I didn’t get a photo, unfortunately! They had BBQ chicken, rice, potato balls, potato salad, garden salad, and this zucchini dish, I can’t describe. It was all really well-balanced and delicious. I’m only assuming that it had to be prepared on the boat, but wow!

Anyways, definitely recommend a cruise, if you ever get the chance, to enjoy the city from the water.


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