How I Keep My Finances in Check Especially During the Holidays (GIVEAWAY)

Spendee App transactions tab

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a dip in your bank account after the holidays and not knowing where your money went. Personally, I have so many methods of payment that I use daily, so having one bank app doesn’t cut it. From credit cards to cash to Apple Pay and debit, knowing how to keep track of your money on a daily, weekly or monthly basis will help you long-term.

Don’t let your holiday purchases add to the seasonal depression that winter sometimes brings! If you know how much, where, and why you’re spending money, then you’ll be able to budget and make better financial decisions.

Why should you manually track your money?

  1. Writing it down makes it concrete
  2. If you track each purchase you can see your spending habits
  3. No more confusion to where your money goes

I believe in manually tracking and writing things down. When something is written, it’s solidifies the goal. When I’m manually logging my finances, I’m able to see and evaluate each purchase. This allows me to reason with myself if the money spent was justified or whether I should avoid doing it again. At the same time, I’m able to verify exactly how much was spent per purchase — no need to rely on the validity or accuracy of technology to gather that information.

There are many apps out there that claim to be the best for tracking expenses. Believe me, I’ve tried out a lot of them. Too many are constantly under-maintenance, not compatible with my iOS, and even limit a majority of their options unless you purchase a subscription or paid app version.

Here’s the solution and my Christmas giveaway!

The app that I’m currently using and has been my saving grace is Spendee. I’ve featured this app in a monthly favourites before. It stood out from all the other money management apps I had tried out because of it’s simple yet visually appealing interface and focus on the user’s experience.

Spendee is a free money tracker app for managing your finances daily and also planning a budget. The app’s simple interface makes it really easy for any user to figure out without the need of a tutorial. There are obvious colour codes like green for income and red for expenses, as well as colourful graphs that enhance the visual overview of your finances.

Spendee App budgets tab

The key features of the app


Transactions: This is where all your incomes and expenses (per wallet) are listed.

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Overview: This is my favourite landing page to look at. You can change the period size to view your overview by week, month, year, all time, or a custom duration.

Input: The little plus symbol is the main feature of this entire app. Manually logging an expense or income is super easy. Enter an amount, choose the expense’s category, confirm the date and submit! For the OCD users, like myself, there are more details you’re able to customize like adding a photo, description, hashtag, currency, and location.

Budgets: Setting a goal is easy with Spendee. Choose a name for your budget, enter the amount, choose a specific category for the budget (or keep it open), the duration for it, and when to start!

Spendee App expenses view

Scheduled transactions and notifications: This comes in handy when you’re making the same transaction for the same value several times (ie. rent, parking, salary, etc.) and then based on your own habits, push notifications can help remind you to enter those expenses daily!

Automatic Tracking w/ Bank Accounts: Don’t have time to sit and manually track your spending? Luckily, Spendee has a feature where you can connect your bank account, and it will automatically track for you! It saves time and effort for busy bees.

Desktop and mobile-friendly: On top of being a great app that you can take on the go with you with your smartphone, you can also view your expenses on their desktop version here.

Spendee App overview of your income and expenses

The app does offer a paid version which opens up new features of the user. Which includes:

  • Unlimited cash wallets
  • Syncing your bank account for automatic updating
  • Automatic categorization of expenses
  • Unlimited number of budgets
  • Sharing your wallets with others (if you have a spouse or partner this is super helpful!)
  • Ability to backup and sync your account

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Spendee was nice enough to work with me and offer 1-month of premium for 3 lucky winners! It’s easy to win, all you need to do is make an account using my referral link: here, and leave a comment below with your name, email address, and how having Spendee will help you with your personal finances.

On December 15th, the winner will be announced on my YouTube channel. So, make sure to subscribe there so you don’t miss the video 🙂 Good luck!