Best Apps & Tech: January 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my favourite apps and technology for the month! If you missed my previous one, it’s here. I wish that the Apple Store kept tabs on how many apps you download a year, and if it does, someone show me how to use that feature! I’d love a recap like Spotify does with my music for the year.

My Top 5 app and technology products of the month, in no particular order, are:

  1. Fallout Shelter
  2. Gift Jeenie
  3. Apple Watch Series 3
  4. SWORKit
  5. Pillow: Smart Sleep Tracker

fallout+shelter+misscamco+app+reviewFallout Shelter

I’ve literally been playing this game on and off for over a year. I love the post-apocalypse shelter simulation but I get easily frustrated with I’m raided by incredibly strong enemies. The game continues to keep me engaged with it’s continuous levelling up and thriving community (of Dwellers) aspect. While also increasing interest with several side quests that require certain time periods to complete. (Free to download)


giftjeenie+misscamco+app+reviewGift Jeenie

Sick of having to list all the things you want for your birthday and having to link everyone to them also? Look no further, this app has been my go-to for Christmas. You’re able to link directly in the app, so when you send your list to your loved ones, they’re instantly directed to where they can purchase it! That’s efficient! (Free to download)



Apple Watch Series 3


I’m going to do an entire post for this one in the near future because I think it deserves one. I’m even more obsessed with it than I was with my Fitbit. Shout out to my Mom who gave this to me for Christmas and then adopted my Fitbit so it went to a good home.


This is now my go-to app for working out in the comfort of my own home. There are several programs including cardio, yoga, stretching, and strength training which you can do for free. You’re also able to customize the length of the workout you want to do which is great if you have time to exercise for an hour or even just 10 minutes. (Free to download, has in-app purchasing)


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pillow+misscamco+app+reviewPillow: Smart Sleep Tracking

Most nights, I like to track my sleep. This app not only allows me to see the duration of each sleep stage I was in, but it also rates my quality of sleep. For someone who works 9-5 and sleeps 9-5, my sleep quality is quite alright and reassures me that my feeling of fatigue throughout the day is really just my body saying I’m addicted to caffeine πŸ˜‚ (Free to download, has in-app purchasing)


Leave your favourite apps below so I can try them out!


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