Best Apps & Tech: December 2017

Thank you from dropping in to read my second edition of my favourite apps & tech!

In the first edition, I told you that I would consider myself an app connoisseur. I still justify that with this post — although 2 of the 5 are tech items, I have definitely gone through quite a number of apps since September with 3 making the top list.

My Top 5 app and technology products of the month are:

  1. Adonit Snap
  2. Crowdfire
  3. Fight List
  4. Farmville: Tropic Escape
  5. Fitbit Charge 2

Adonit Jot Pro / Adonit Snap


The Adonit styluses have been my secret little weapon for creating aesthetic Instagram stories lately. Writing and drawing has never been easier — honestly. It takes awhile to get used to but it’s better than how I was before when I used to have to make my finger into a “pen” just to be able to have full control while writing. The Adonit Jot Pro is instant and is so precise while the Adonit Snap connects through bluetooth and also has a button on it that acts like shutter control if you want to take a selfie without holding your phone! Amazing. (Price: Ranges from $30-35. Get it here)


I actually found out about this app through another YouTuber. Cannot remember her name to save my life though — sorry! But props to her cause it’s bomb. The app works by scheduling your social posts for your YouTube videos or blog posts. While also providing you content that you’re able to share on your social media channels to keep them active. Win-win! (Free to download)


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fight+list+app+reviewFight List

I’ll tell you right now, the app interface is ugly. It’s so ugly, I’m sure it would turn a lot of people right off as soon as they download it. But if you’re able to look past that, the game is actually ridiculously fun and time-killing. It’s basically a listing competition between players — they choose the topic, and you create lists! Great for list-lovers like me. (Free to download)


farmville+tropic+escape+app+reviewFarmville: Tropic Escape

I was never into Farmville when it was a thing on Facebook. Actually, I even poked fun at a few people because they would spend so much time on it and sending me those annoying invitations to get the game. But I saw a Farmville Tropic ad while playing another game, decided I’d give it a try, and somehow it made its way one of my most used apps for September. Go figure. It’s a fun time-management, time-killer also. (Free to download, has in-app purchasing)


Fitbit Charge 2


Photo: Marc Gamboa

If you saw my blog post back in August about how I just got the Fitbit Charge 2, you would know how excited I was about it. I’m not disappointed. I’ve been consistently checking my stats with the app and I’ve already made progress towards my goal weight! I love the interface and all the information it tracks for you. I can’t get enough. (Price: $130. Get it here)

Disclaimer: I was sent the Adonit products, but I always write honest reviews.


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