Social Anxiety Affects Even Content Creators

Camille-Co-Mental-HealthI finally opened up about facing social anxiety on my YouTube channel. Terrified about how people may react, I uploaded it on a whim but keeping in mind that I know it’s not something I deal with alone. I shall elaborate on here to really explain how I feel about social anxiety but specifically as a digital content creator.

You probably wouldn’t have guessed from watching videos off my channel. I seem like I have no trouble talking to people but that’s not true.

I am not social.

Growing up, I’ve always had an issue when it came to talking to people. I was scared, I wouldn’t look people in the eye, I was afraid of being judged — you name it. I still remember a time when my Mom took me to the park and because I was so lonely, went up to some of the children there and introduced me and asked them if they could play with me.

In elementary school, I never initiated conversations, I wouldn’t speak unless spoken to, and I didn’t raise my hand for answering questions even though I had straight A’s. My teachers always told my parents on parent-teacher nights that I’m incredibly shy and I never participated in class even though they knew I had the right answer sitting on my tongue.

In highschool, I changed all that. The first day, someone asked me a question and in that moment I decided I wouldn’t be shy anymore. I responded and was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t react negatively to my opinion. Continuing on this mindset, I did a whole 180 but didn’t stop there. The path I was going down actually ended up with me becoming very arrogant and obnoxious throughout my teenage years. I gave no fucks about how people perceived me.

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Fast forward to today

I’ve accepted how annoying and terrible I was as a teen and I don’t want to ever become that type of person again. I’ve learnt how to deal with days where I’m not feeling like myself, and I wouldn’t say I’m as bad as I was as a child, but I still feel very awkward inside when I’m at a networking or social event. I’m not great at small talk so to avoid coming off as fake or rude, in most cases, I don’t bother. That doesn’t mean I’m not a nice person. It just means that I’m not great at initiating conversations. But I want to be friends with everyone!

This is a compilation of videos that I shot last summer but didn’t have the opportunity to upload because other things became more timely, more important, etc. I hope this entertains you and gives you a glimpse of what my life is like.

Have you ever struggled with social anxiety? What did you do to overcome it?


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