Let’s Talk About Mental Health #BellLetsTalk

Bell Let’s Talk (#BellLetsTalk) is making it easy to raise money in support of Canadian mental health programs. It’s important to me because I suffer from a social anxiety disorder. But also, because I know someone who suffers from a mental health disorder.

This was a really hard video for me to film, and after taking a year off of YouTube, it made me realize how important it is to talk about these stigmatized issues. There are people all around us who are suffering from some sort of disorder in silence. Why? Because society keeps portraying having these mental health problems as exactly that — problems.

In hopes of changing that mindset, I along with several other influencers online, have created videos and blog posts to share our experience and/or opinions regarding this world issue.


Our world doesn’t have to have a stigma towards mental health, but that won’t end until you help continue the conversation. Join the conversation with #BellLetsTalk.

Friends holding hand hearts together in support

I would love to keep the conversation going. If you’re comfortable with it, leave your story in the comments below. This is a safe place.

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