The Broken Hearts Club: Relationship Mistakes You Really Don’t Want To Make!

Happily ever after~ That is how we all envision our dream relationship, right? It’s what growing up with the world of Disney did to us. Of course, the reality of being in a committed partnership is often a lot different than that of a fairy tale. In fact, there are all sorts of mistakes that you can encounter that can make even the best relationships seem rocky. Luckily, if you know what they are then you can avoid, or at least resolve them. Here are some red flags that you’ll want to steer clear from:

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Moving too fast

Although two people dating are together, their thinking and feeling might be moving at a different pace. This can often lead to one person moving too fast, and asking for a commitment from the other before they feel ready.

This can definitely create a serious problem especially when the other person then feels pressured and rushed. This action can lead to the partner feeling smothered. Which in turn, can cause them to pull away, or even end the relationship.

With that in mind, try and be aware of the other person’s comfort level when it comes to emotional intimacy. Also be sure to work on an appropriate time scale. Even discussing this openly if you are in any doubt.

Not giving your partner enough time or attention

That is called neglect. It’s not something that anyone wants to experience, especially from the person that is meant to love them most. Sadly, neglecting the other person is usually not intentional, but this doesn’t stop it wreaking havoc on a relationship. The message that your partner will be receiving is that they aren’t as important as other things in your life.

There are plenty of situations in which this can occur as well, such as when we are under pressure at work or have a new interest that is consuming us. Even seemingly relationship focused activities such as planning a wedding can ironically end up with one person taking on all the responsibility, and the other not only feeling left out but neglected as well.

Luckily, there is a solution to the latter issue, as you can use a guide such as this wedding ebook that will make wedding planning a lot less work. Something that will ensure you don’t end up using all of your time on this task, and you still have some left to work on your relationship with your partner.

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Not being fair when arguing

It’s easy to get caught up with arguments, and more often than not, people will fight until they come out the winner. However, such blow-ups are usually caused by underlying factors, and that is why they can be incredibly useful in a relationship because they uncover things, and provide an opportunity to work on them.

Of course, arguments can also cause a lot of problems especially if you’re not fighting fair. When you make things personal and use hurtful language, it’s energy draining, and now you have relationship scars. Don’t say things when you’re emotional because as humans, we tend to say things just out of smite. Deal with each issue before they get to the breaking point. Stay out of the broken hearts club!

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