Bored in Your Relationship? Here’s the fix!

Camille Co and boyfriend Jerico on a summer trip

One thing I’ve learned from my friends, in long-term relationships, is that sometimes naturally and with time, people drift apart. Even friends who are in great marriages say it’s so easy.

People are constantly changing based on their environment and what they take in through social media. We get carried away with the hustle and bustle of every day life in and out of the digital world. We take each other for grants because we’re too busy to give our partner the love and affection or attention they need.

Camille Co and boyfriend Jerico make the asian heart sign

I love that he’s willing to be silly and take photos like this with me <3

Relationships can change, but so can we

Every day is another chance to love each other better, grow closer, and deepen the commitment with our partner.

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In my relationship

We’re lucky because we have a very large commonality: the love for gaming. We play video games together most nights. And, when we’re not, we’re in the same room doing separate activities but still spending time together to appease our quality time love language.

Learn about your partner through conversation, listening to understand and not to respond. Find activities that excite your partner happy, and offer to take part in them or support them. Connect with them by figuring out what their love language is and catering to that.

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