How to Get Tan Without the Sunburn

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It’s almost that time — complaints of sunburn or how pale their skin is despite laying out in the sun for hours is probably around 60% of what I hear as I walk around the city of Toronto.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of checking out what St. Tropez had in store for Canada this Spring/Summer. I must say, I’m impressed with the scents of their products that perfectly mask that typical, awful self-tanner smell. But that wasn’t the single thing that peaked my interest.

Let me preface the first product by saying, I’m already a huge fan of the classic bronzing mousse from St. Tropez.

New scents that everyone will love

Classic Bronzing Mouse: Whipped Marshmallow

But this self-tanner just got even sweeter — infusing marshmallow extract and vitamin E for moisture and soothing the skin! Not only does the Classic Bronzing Mouse: Whipped Marshmallow leave your skin smelling delicious, but it also has a proven, iconic 10-day natural-looking tan result. It’s lightweight, hydrating, and leaves a beautiful glowing finish.

Did I mention it’s streak-free?

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel

The St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel has apparently been out for awhile now, but this was the first time I was introduced to the line. It comes out transparent, but gives you a glow in just three hours! You can even use it over light makeup and still see results. Its tropical scent is perfect for summer and very easy to apply if you’re new to self-tanning.

St. Tropez Watermelon Infusion Everyday Moisture Miracle Body Lotion

The St. Tropez Watermelon Infusion Everyday Moisture Miracle Body Lotion is easily my favourite scent amongst all the new lines. The product provides a gradual tan which can be used daily until you achieve the colour that you want. Also, because of its moisturizing properties, your tan will last much longer! Use it in-between tans to maintain your colour, or to boost your tan.

No need to leave your tan behind

St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse TSA Approved

I’m the type of person who does face masks on a 3+ hour flight. So the fact that St. Tropez created an Self-tan Express Bronzing Mousse in a size that is TSA approved is so exciting. The quick-drying self-tanner gives you complete control over the depth of your tan: one hour for sunkissed, two hours for medium, or three hours for a deep I’ve-been-laying-on-the-beach glow (without the sunburn). It’s especially created for people who want to take their tan on the go. Or, if you didn’t get enough sun while on vacation… You could be that person in the plane self-tanning before landing. I won’t tell 🙂

For first-timers

St. Tropez Tan Remover Mousse

Last but not least, the newest innovation from the brand, the St. Tropez Tan Remover Mousse. It’s meant to be used after showers to prep and prime the skin for the perfect self-tan. But is also very helpful to correct any tanning buildups or mistakes you may have made in the process. A must-have for self-tanning novices! Infused with both cotton extract and yogurt, it helps to purify your skin with probiotics and promotes beneficial micro-organisms on the skin.

Side note: Ready for an embarrassing story? I don’t know what confused me but I thought this product was a lotion, and that it was sampled in that bowl. I dipped my finger in there and rubbed a small swatch into the back of my hand. Jokes. When I smelled my hand, I realized it was yogurt. 

Avoid sunburn, and fake bake this summer! Look out for these sets, they’ll hit the shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart this spring/summer in Toronto!

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