How to Be a Zombie for Halloween

Are you still stumbling on what to be for Halloween? Why not be a zombie! You’ve already got half of the look going with that walk!

Did you know that according to zombie folk stories, the one to end the life of a zombie is to damage its brain with blunt trauma or cut off its head? It’s a scary thought but maybe that’s why they’re so obsessed with brains!

I created these two videos for The Loop with the idea that you’d be able to do it within 5 whole minutes!

Mixing sexy with gore

If you’re looking to zombie-fy or zombify a costume you’ve already got — in my case, a maid costume — then you’ll want to check out the video below. I’ve got a massive zombie bite on my neck, and my face is actually deteriorating. It’s the easiest way to spook up any costume. You could spook up a nurse, a teacher, your favourite cartoon character, a dog, a car, a little bunny, the list goes on!

For the horror lover

The bloody zombie is for you. Yes, the video is quite dated now but the method I used is easy, quick, and still works. All you need is:

  • non-toxic white glue diluted with a bit of water
  • toilet paper (1-ply or separated to become 1-ply)
  • makeup to blend and shadow
  • and, some fake blood

Take a bite

Last but not least, we have a quick non-gore version of the costume that is office-friendly and family-friendly. I’ve got sunken features, and a massive infectious bite on my neck. There are two parts because back then YouTube was strange and making shorter videos was better with the algorithm so sorry in advanced! First video contains how to create sunken features, while the second video is simply just focused on how to create that zombie bite!

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If this is the special effects makeup or costume you’re choosing to go with this Halloween, let me know in a comment below! Or tweet me a photo! I’d love to see 🙂

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