Family-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

This time of the year calls for a lot of horror movies, TV specials, and scary stories which is why most people associate Halloween with horror. However, how it originated is actually not all that scary.

People believed that on Halloween ghosts could come back to our world. They also thought that if they left their homes, they would encounter these ghosts and be harmed. So in order to avoid being recognized, people would wear masks and dress up when they left after dark so the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits.

Clearly, that idea has expanded vastly because not only do 99.9% of people not dress as a ghost for Halloween, it’s beyond the genre of horror. So, I’ve gathered some of my favourite family-friendly costumes that I’m sure will be a hit wherever you choose to wear it.

1. Minnie Mouse

The easiest costume to pull off and probably one of the classics for people who love Minnie or Disney. I happen to love both and therefore is my go-to when I either want to just feel comfortable or am too lazy to do something that requires a lot of effort for makeup.

2. Snow White

This one is easiest my favourite Disney costume to wear. I have to say that I do a mean Snow White voice and I’ve been told multiple times that I should be working at Disneyworld or on the Disney cruise because I’m like a doll. I go over how to do her hair naturally if you have shorter hair, otherwise you can opt for a wig!

3. Cute kitty cat (kawaii)

This super cutesy costume is super simple to pull together, you really only need a pair of cat ears and accessories. If you can get paws like me, a tail, or a collar that match, you’ve already got it in the bag! Just missing some cat whiskers and a little pink nose.

4. 50’s Pin up / rockabilly era

First off, this is my favourite era, and I swear to you I should have been born in the 50’s. I’m a huge fan of victory rolls but unfortunately because of the length of my bangs, I was unable to do much with it. This costume is super comfortable because it’s basically my regular clothes (yes, i wear shiny high-waisted pants normally), but dressed up for the costume through my makeup.

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6. Black Swan

Black Swan is probably the scariest, if that, out of the tutorials that I’m sharing with you today. The movie itself is a little strange, but the costume is really enjoyable to put together. Black leotard or t-shirt paired with some tights and a tutu. The only part that may be a little difficult is the eye-makeup, but just watch my video closely and you’ll get it πŸ™‚

7. Baby doll / Hime Gyaru

So Hime Gyaru is a Japanese style where people tend to exaggerate some features to look more doll-like. Hence the reason why I included it in the title, but it’s very similar to what you would do if you wanted to look like a doll! I have monolids so making my eyes look larger is a bit of a challenge but I think this makeup look works.

8. Goth

I have a few friends who associate themselves as being goth and I thought it would be cute to put together a look that is inspired by them. No, I didn’t actually cut my bangs that short, but you’ll have to figure out how I did those by watching the video!

9. Sugar Skull / Day of the Dead makeup

The Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico that focuses on family and friends gatherings to honour and pray for the dead and help support them on their journey to the afterlife. I’m not Mexican, but my family celebrates All Souls Day to remember the souls of those who have past. I think the sugar skull makeup is beautiful though, so I recreated my own version!

10. Pirates

Another classic costume for Halloween! In terms of makeup, there’s nothing too crazy there, but I usually always go for a sultry look πŸ™‚

If you choose to go with any of these costumes, let me know in a comment below! Or tweet me a photo! I’d love to see πŸ™‚

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