About Me

Hi! I’m Camille Co. I’m a Gen Y published multimedia journalist, social media maven, and the self-love advocating voice behind MissCamco.

MissCamco is a personal brand that I started mid-highschool, and continued through graduating university. I have a media studies honours degree, as well as a broadcast journalism diploma.

Present day, I have a full-time job with an international content marketing company as a Digital PPC Strategist, where I manage Canada’s digital advertising and analytic/engagement strategy from producing digital PPC campaigns to the aftercare for clients, providing expertise in the success of their participation with us.

About my content

First and foremost, I’m a casual content creator. I write and produce my own content at my own pace on my own schedule, I have a full-time job that only allows me to focus on my blog and YouTube channel in my spare time. It would be lovely to have my creative outlets as my full-time job eventually, but unfortunately I’m not there yet. & My YouTube channel is currently partnered with MUCH (Bell Media).

Secondly, I am very passionate about a variety of topics, including beauty, lifestyle, travel, technology, and finding the best shopping deals for the everyday woman. So my blog content will reflect that.

Thirdly, nothing is more important to me than building a strong and honest relationship with my readers and viewers. Everything I say on this blog or on my YouTube channel reflects my own opinion only.


Business Inquiries or questions

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a business inquiry or any questions:

What do you do for a living?

I work full-time as a Digital PPC Strategist, while managing my YouTube channel (misscamco) and

How tall are you and what sizes do you wear?

I’m 5’1 — short and sweet. I wear a small-medium in tops, size 1 in jeans/pants, size 2-4 in dresses, and my feet are size 6.

Where do you usually shop?

I will literally shop anywhere — high-end to thrift. If something in the window catches my eye, I’m there.

What camera do you use?

I shoot with the Canon G7X Mark II for blog photos and my YouTube videos. I will, however, occasionally use the GoPro Hero 4 Silver or my iPhone XS.

How do you edit your photos and videos?

I mainly use Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom, and VSCOcam for photos and Adobe Premiere Pro for videos.